Project Management, Systems Integration and Management

Railway projects are some of the most complex in terms of the diversity and number of interfaces and the interface and integration issues they create. Indeed, such is this complexity that many major suppliers will often refuse to accept the role of system integrator for the total system.


At SEM-Logica Consulting we understand that this is in fact fundamental to the success of any project, as although these components in themselves are relatively simple electro – mechanical systems that are mostly proven and well understood, the complexity of the interfaces hardware to hardware, hardware to software and software to software along with issues of configuration control and the management of migration of operating systems are the ‘Devil in the Detail’.


Should these not be correctly managed or in any way mismanaged, it can lead to significant impacts both in terms of program, CAPEX and final functionality, critical to the operational performance to meet the political and economic drivers that spawn the project in the first place.


But it is our experience that by understanding the full project environment and adopting the rigorous capture of the project requirements and risks, building comprehensive interface matrices for the project, managed as live documents as part of the program and project management core processes from the outset, that these can be competently managed using proven techniques of Technical and Quality Assurance from Systems Engineering Management principles such as the verification and validation process.


This will ensure that not only is a project delivered that meets the projects Socio-economic and Political aims but is also one that is Operable and Reliable that also can be delivered to program and to the budget, both in terms of CAPEX and OPEX.


We offer a complete service to undertake the effective management of that core project management process from the earliest stages of the project, as integrators or overall project managers, or in any role in between. This starts pre-feasibility from where we drive efficiency through compliance and audit coupled with pre-emptive and proactive hands on management of issues which our many years’ experience in some of the industry’s most complex projects gives us a unique ability to do cost-effectively, at any level of the project hierarchy and at any stage of the project, from start up to recovery.


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