Airport Rail Links

An area of particular interest is our experience with the Specification, Construction Commissioning and Certification of Airport Railways. Airport rail links pose a number of unique challenges to the promoter of any such system. For example  there are the different expectations of the passenger in terms of level of  environment, service punctuality, information and speed of journey.


There are also challenges of Security, Integration of both the rail and airport systems on both the vehicle and that associated with the in town check – in facilities (so integration with the airport Total Airport Management System and the baggage handling system for example) and the issues of the longer operational hours associated with these rail links.


However, there are also great similarities amongst most major transport hubs - most have issues of integration of mode such as bus, car and rail with all sorts of interface challenges and benefits including inter-change and passenger circulation, signage and information, integrated ticketing, and of course retail and other commercial aspects which involve multiple stakeholders.


We have significant experience of the feasibility and planning through to operation of such systems including:

  • ERL, Malaysia
  • Lantau Line, Hong Kong
  • Docklands City Airport, UK
  • Heathrow Express, UK
  • Edinburgh Airport Link, UK
  • LUL Piccadilly Line Extension to terminal 5, UK
  • Heathrow Airtrack, UK
  • Delhi Metro Airport extension, India


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